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How much does your piano performance cost?

My rates for a piano performance vary between 150 and 1000 euro, depending on the occasion, the duration, and the type of performance (concert or backround music).

​Is it a problem if I don't have a piano at home or at the venue?

Not at all, it’s fine. If needed, I can bring my digital piano to your place or your event venue.​

​Can you play any music that I want?

Yes, I can! You can request a bespoke programme according to your wishes. Alternative, I have lots of experience in suggesting a suitable programme for your occasion.

​Are you happy to travel to another city or country?

Of course, but my travel expenses are usually covered by the customer.

​Can you arrange any piece for solo piano? For instance, if I like Rasmus, can you play my favourite song?

Yes, that’s also possible. My rate for song arrangement is 100 euro.

What kind of music can you play?

I'm a professional pianist, so I can play anything from classical to contemporary music and from pop to jazz. You can choose from ready-made packages here or customise your own programme.

​Do you perform as a solo pianist only or also with other musicians?

I can play as a solo pianist, accompany singers or perform in a duo with a cello, for example. What’s more, I collaborate with an extensive network of musicians, so I'm able to arrange a group of musicians to match your wishes.​

Can you accompany or play with anyone, for example one of my contacts?

Yes, that’s perfectly possible. Rehearsing might take a little longer, though, as we’re not used to playing together yet.

Can I just give you a list of pieces I’d like you to play?

Yes, please, that would be great. Please reach out to me for a free consultation about a customised piano performance.

Would your piano performance be suitable for a birthday or wedding gift?

I think a live piano performance would make an unforgettable gift. To talk about the options, please give me a call, fill in the contact form or drop me an email.

Can you help me if I have no idea about the best music for my event?

That’s what I’m here for. I have gathered a huge repertoire over the last 20 years and I’m more than happy to talk about the different options with you.

Do you perform beyond Finland?

Yes, I am regularly invited to play at different international festivals abroad, both as solo pianist and with orchestras. Please enquire about piano performances via telephone, email or the contact form.


How much do piano lessons cost?

You can find my price list here.

Can you tell me about your teaching experience?

​I have more than 12 years of teaching experience. I started teaching children and adults back in 2009 during my bachelor studies in Lithuania and I’ve since given piano lessons in Tallinn in Estonia and Helsinki in Finland. Currently, I am teaching at the International School of Music in Helsinki and at my private studio. My students comprise children and adults of more than 30 different nationalities.

How does COVID-19 affect your piano lessons?

Teaching can continue as usual with all the available precautions, including masks, hand hygiene, and safe distancing between the student and the teacher. Online piano lessons are possible, too.

Where does the teaching take place?

I can teach at my studio in Helsinki, Finland, at your home, or online. Get in touch so we can discuss the best option for you.

Who can take your piano lessons?

My piano lessons are suitable for anyone from beginner to advanced and aged between about 5 to 100.

How long and how often are the lessons?

It depends on your preference and both our schedules. Anything from 30 minutes to an hour, once or twice per week, can usually be arranged.​

​Can I have a trial piano lesson?

Yes, you can try out my piano lessons at a lower price. The length of a trial piano lesson is 45 minutes and the cost is only 30 euro (normal price 45 euro).

Do you teach online or in person?

I’m happy to do both. I teach offline at my studio in Helsinki or your home, or online worldwide.

Are you a certified piano teacher?

Yes, I have a university degree in Music and Piano Pedagogy.

What happens at your piano lessons?

The piano lessons are tailored according to the student's personal preferences, needs, and level. You will learn everything from reading music, theory and the correct posture to understanding music language.


What's your educational background?

​I have 4 university degrees: Bachelor of Piano Performance, Bachelor of Piano Pedagogy, Master of Piano Performance, and Master of Chamber Music, Accompaniment and Lied.

Where do you live?

I live in downtown Helsinki, Finland.

What languages do you speak?

​I am fluent in English, Russian, Finnish, and Lithuanian.

When did you start playing piano?

​I first started playing piano at the age of 5.

Where are you from?

I’m from Lithuania but I currently live in Helsinki, Finland.

Where did you study?

I studied at the Sibelius Academy, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Do you perform beyond Finland?

Yes, I am regularly invited to play at different international festivals abroad, both as solo pianist and with orchestras. Please enquire about piano performances via telephone, email or the contact form.


Get in touch and I'm happy to answer any further questions.

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